In Paradisum: A Meditation (Electronic Tape)

This improvisation for voice with electroacoustic processing was inspired by personal reflections on suffering and the text of the antiphon “In Paradisum” from the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass. It was subsequently used as incidental theatrical music. It starts out VERY softly, so please be patient!

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    In Paradisum: A Meditation (Electronic Tape)

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In Paradisum deducant te Angeli; 
in tuo adventu 
suscipiant te martyres, 
et perducant te 
in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem. 

Chorus Angelorum te suscipiat, 
et cum Lazaro quondam paupere 
aeternam habeds requiem. 


May the Angels lead you into Paradise; 
at your coming 
may the martyrs receive you, 
and conduct you 
into the holy city, Jerusalem. 

May the chorus of Angels receive you, 
and with Lazarus, once a pauper, 
eternally may you have rest.

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